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The Yitzhak Rabin Murder video by Roni Kempler

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Yitzhak Rabin murder video
by The American

The Yitzhak Rabin murder video is the seven and a half minute video made by Roni Kempler while standing on the roof of a building overlooking the scene at the Kings of Israel Square during the assassination of Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin on November 4th, 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Yitzhak Rabin murder video revealed to the public

Almost two months after the Yitzhak Rabin assassination, Israelis were shocked to read in their newspapers that an amateur film of the event would be shown on Channel Two news. The filmmaker was announced as a "Polish tourist". However, this story changed the day of the broadcast. The filmmaker was, in fact, an Israeli named Roni Kempler.

Roni Kempler disappearing from the public discourse and returning on the Internet

In his sole television appearance the night his film was broadcast, Roni Kempler explained that he wasn't interested in making money. It was quickly discovered that Roni Kempler worked for the State Comptroller's Office and was a bodyguard in the Israeli army reserves. The Yitzhak Rabin murder video was shown on Israeli TV in its entirety one time in December 1995 and the name Roni Kempler was known world-wide. In the ensuing years the video is never shown in its entirety on Israeli TV, and the name Roni Kempler is never mentioned in the Israeli media. In July 2005 the video appeared on the web site Yigal Amir.com and has given the world its first opportunity to examine it in detail with the aid of computer technology.

Yitzhak Rabin murder video used to convict Yigal Amir

The Yitzhak Rabin murder video was used during the trial of convicted assassin Yigal Amir, the Shamgar Commision on the Yitzhak Rabin assassination and used for a brief period to convince the Israeli public that Yigal Amir did, in fact, commit the murder of Yitzhak Rabin.

Questions regarding Roni Kempler

A letter was published in the Israeli newspaper Maariv in December, 1995 from Hannah Chen of Jerusalem in which Ms. Chen succinctly summarized some of the most blatant suspicions of Roni Kempler. The letter read: "Allow me to add my doubts about the strange facts surrounding the Yitzhak Rabin assassination. You want us to believe that Roni Kempler was a just a "regular guy" who happened to take a video of the assassination. At the beginning of the video Roni Kempler was in the "sterile" area and was requested to leave. So Roni leaves and goes to the roof of an adjacent building - the perfect place for an assassin. Of course there were security personal on the roof but those security personal let Roni Kempler go home with the most important piece of evidence that existed."

David also gets involved

The viewing of the Yitzhak Rabin murder video in 1995 convinced various Israelis to write books on the Yitzhak Rabin murder conspiracy. But those various books did not seem to influence the Israeli establishment to pursue Yitzhak Rabin's true killers. In September 2005, David returned to Israel after a 15 year hiatus from the country. Mr. David noticed that Israeli TV, which dedicated the whole week to the life and death of Yitzhak Rabin, did not show the seven and a half minute video but just a few second clip of the murder itself and many Israelis did not know that the Yitzhak Rabin murder video even existed. That raised Mr. 's suspicion and he researched the Yitzhak Rabin murder on the internet and soon thereafter built the following web sites to bring the truth as to the true circumstances of the death of Yitzhak Rabin to the entire Israeli public. Subsequently, www.YitzhakRabin.co.il, www.YigalAmir.com, www.ShimonPeres.net were built in Hebrew and www.David.com was built in English. In July 2005, David obtained the Yitzhak Rabin murder video and shows the video free of charge on his web sites.

Back passenger door of the limousine at 7:17

The event captured on the film that is the center-piece of doubts about the veracity of the Shamgar Commission is the back passenger door of Yitzhak Rabin's limousine that closes before Yitzhak Rabin enters the car. To almost everyone who watches that door close, it appears that someone, perhaps the murderer, may have been waiting in the limousine for Yitzhak Rabin. This is in direct contradiction to the official conclusion that Yitzhak Rabin entered an empty car. This occurs at 7:17 of the video as well as at 8:41 when repeated.

Video concentrates on Yigal Amir

But there is more on the Yitzhak Rabin murder video that contradicts the official findings. As the seven and a half minute video begins we notice that the video is concentrating on Yigal Amir as Mr. Yigal Amir is by himself in the sterile area near Yitzhak Rabin's limousine. Mr. Roni Kempler, when interviewed, said that he concentrated on Yigal Amir because of his suspicions. We also notice that two security officers strike up a conversation with Yigal Amir at 4:20 of the video.

Shimon Peres and the back passenger door

A few minutes later, Shimon Peres comes down the steps and walks towards the crowd at the barrier. He accepts their good wishes and walks to a spot about a meter and a half opposite the hood of Yitzhak Rabin's car. Shimon Peres is accompanied by four bodyguards. Shimon Peres stops, looks inside the back passenger door of the limousine and then speaks to the the bodyguards. Shimon Peres and the bodyguards together look into the back passenger door of the limousine.

At this point there is a cut. Suddenly Shimon Peres is talking to Yitzhak Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti. Shimon Peres speaks to Menachem Damti, the driver, and subsequently Damti, Shimon Peres and the bodyguards again look at the back passenger door of the limousine. We notice in the video that Menachem Damti's head is nodding from side to side to indicate that he disagrees with something said by Shimon Peres.

Yigal Amir pulls out the gun

Shimon Peres enters his car and Yitzhak Rabin descends the steps. The camera now concentrates on Yitzhak Rabin and we see the bodyguard at Yitzhak Rabin's rear clearly stopping. The rear bodyguard stopping creates an open space and allows Yigal Amir a clear shot at the Prime Minister. Yigal Amir draws his gun from deep inside his right pocket, circles a student reporter named Modi Yisrael, and shoots with his left arm. At this point we see a flash of one bullet, one loud "bang" and two softer bangs. After supposedly "taking" the first bullet in the back, Yitzhak Rabin turns his neck to see who shot him. The fuzziness or cuts of the video are obvious to even an untrained eye. At the time of the shooting Yigal Amir was somewhat of a shadow. According to the ballistic testimony at the trial Yitzhak Rabin was shot at a very close range. Yigal Amir was far away from Yitzhak Rabin so the video was "cut" to extend Yigal Amir's left arm to shoot. As well, Yigal Amir is right-handed and during the re-enactment of the shooting during the trial Yigal Amir reenacted the shooting with his right arm, not his left. The entire video becomes fuzzy for two seconds after the first shot and then the video quality returns to normal. The back passenger door of the limousine closes. Yitzhak Rabin, the driver and bodyguard enter the limousine from the driver's side and the limousine begins to travel. Soon thereafter the video stops.

Mistake that video was shown to the public

The most haunting moment of the video is the seconds before Yitzhak Rabin is placed in the car, the opposite back passenger door slams shut. This segment has been examined and tested by numerous journalists, every shadow on the screen traced, every possible explanation exhausted. It seems that someone was waiting inside the car for Yitzhak Rabin. The question arises "Why did they make this murder video if it's so incriminating?" One obvious answer may be that "they made a mistake." That may be the reason why the video is not shown or even mentioned on Israeli TV. Therefore, the majority of younger Israelis didn't even know the seven and a half minute Yitzhak Rabin murder video even exists. That is, until its sudden appearance last month and now it's the talk of the nation and soon the whole world as the Yitzhak Rabin assassination cover-up gets blown!

Yitzhak Rabin Assassination Video Resurfaces After 10 Year Absence
19:18 Nov 03, '05 / 1 Cheshvan 5766
By Scott Shiloh
Israel National News .com

November 4, 2005, marks ten years since the assassination of Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin. Now, just before the ten year anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's murder, controversial footage of the event has reappeared.

Over the years, despite continuous and intense media coverage and analysis of the assassination and its ramifications, the video of the assassination, known as the Yitzhak Rabin murder video, had virtually disappeared from public view.

Since its showing on Channel 2 Israel television two months after the assassination, the Yitzhak Rabin murder video, one of history’s most dramatic and important video clips, has been hidden, perhaps deliberately, from the eyes of the public. It was never screened again on Israel's state-regulated television, nor was it available on the internet.

Likewise, the purported maker of the video, amateur photographer Ron Kempler, appeared on television only once when the clip was screened. Since then, he appears to have vanished without a trace.

The circumstances under which the assassination occurred provided the left with fertile ground for a decade of denouncing and de legitimizing Israel's nationalist camp and its political agenda, particularly against the national-religious camp. Yigal Amir, a law student, activist, and vehement opponent of the Oslo accords, who was identified politically with the national-religious camp, was arrested and convicted of carrying out the assassination.

For the 25 years prior to the assassination, that group, more than any other, had been identified with the drive to settle Israel’s ancient Biblical heartland, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, liberated during the 1967 Six-Day War.

On the other hand, Yitzhak Rabin’s main accomplishment as prime minister was the signing of the Oslo accords. Those accords were designed to relinquish Israeli control of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and install in its place, a Palestinian state, run by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), an international terrorist organization led by Yassir Arafat.

As Israel prepared to relinquish control of cities liberated in the Six-Day War to PLO control, tension in Israel between Yitzhak Rabin’s supporters and detractors reached a feverish pitch. The stage was set for November 4, 1995, the assassination of a prime minister, and a ten-year vendetta against the opponents of Yitzhak Rabin’s policies.

But did Yigal Amir really kill Yitzhak Rabin?

Not unlike the Kennedy assassination in 1963, Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination is riddled with factual inconsistencies that have given birth to conspiracy theories. Interestingly, both assassinations were filmed by amateur photographers. In both cases, examination and analysis of the filmed footage raise serious questions which conspiracy researchers use to support their contentions.

But while the Zapruder film is readily available for viewing and scrutiny by the general public, the Yitzhak Rabin murder video has only recently come out of hiding.

Private web site operator David explores on his Hebrew site glaring inconsistencies in the official assassination documents and has made available for the first time the full-length Yitzhak Rabin murder video for ongoing public scrutiny.

As a result, anyone interested in the Yitzhak Rabin assassination, conspiracy buffs included, can now watch the video and decide for himself whether it supports or contradicts the Israeli government’s claim that Yigal Amir acted alone in assassinating the prime minister. The conspiracy theorists contend that the upper echelons of Israel's secret service orchestrated either an assassination attempt which backfired or an actual assassination.

A number of investigators, the most prominent among them, David and Barry Chamish, do not deny that Yigal Amir was involved in the assassination. Concurrently, they are not interested in exonerating Yigal Amir or granting him clemency.

and Chamish claim that Yigal Amir’s weapon fired only blanks at the prime minister. The real assassin was positioned in the back seat of Yitzhak Rabin’s car. This unknown assassin shot and killed Yitzhak Rabin only after his body guard, Yoram Rubin, pushed him into the car, following Yigal Amir’s gunshots.

Persons who espouse this theory claim that if Yitzhak Rabin indeed had been hit by Yigal Amir’s bullet (according to medical reports, the first bullet shattered Yitzhak Rabin’s spine) he would not have been able to remain standing, turn aside, and cast his face, startled, in Yigal Amir’s direction. Yet Yitzhak Rabin does exactly this, as the video clearly indicates at the 7:10 minute mark and again in slow motion at 8:20 minutes. Yitzhak Rabin’s facial expression does not depict any pain, not something one would expect after sustaining a serious wound of any kind, particularly a spinal injury.

This point is reiterated by one of the three bodyguards closest to Yitzhak Rabin, agent S.N. (possibly S.G.) who delivered his testimony on November 16, 1995 to police Internal Security Unit officer Yoav Gazit:

"During the salvo I jumped towards the Prime Minister and his personal bodyguard (Yoram Rubin). I didn't hear any cry of pain from the Prime Minister or from his bodyguard and I didn't notice any traces (signs) of blood. I and the personal bodyguard put the Prime Minister into his car and Rubin jumped with him inside and the car quickly exited the area. At this stage it wasn't clear to me whether the PM or the bodyguard were hit or not."

One of the most astonishing and mysterious events in the film occurs after Yigal Amir fires his shots. Kempler’s video clearly and unmistakably shows (7:17 minutes into video and repeated at 8:40) the back rear door of Yitzhak Rabin’s vehicle close before Yitzhak Rabin’s body guard, Yoram Rubin, whisks the prime minister into the drivers’ side of the car. Chamish suggests that Yitzhak Rabin’s actual assailant may have been pre-positioned in the back seat of the car as part of a conspiracy to eliminate the prime minister.

No one has yet to come up with another plausible explanation as to why the rear door of Yitzhak Rabin’s Cadillac suddenly slammed shut. The prime minister’s car was not equipped with automatic doors. One explanation claims that the Cadillac’s doors were built to close automatically if the car is suddenly shaken. But the rear door shut before the others entered the vehicle. That theory also does not explain why the front door opposite the driver remained open.

Another event depicted in the video that warrants examination is the conduct of Shimon Peres, one of the main architects of the Oslo accords, who served as Yitzhak Rabin’s foreign minister.

At the conclusion of that night's mass demonstration in support of the Yitzhak Rabin government, held at a Tel Aviv park adjacent to city hall, Shimon Peres is filmed mingling with the crowd just meters away from Yigal Amir, who was inexplicably waiting for his target in a supposedly “sterile” area, reserved only for authorized security personnel.

After finishing with the crowd, Shimon Peres approaches Yitzhak Rabin’s car (6:20 minutes), which was parked behind his own in the sterile area. Shimon Peres stops by the car, and appears to look inside, or inspect the vehicle for something. Shimon Peres then starts talking with a body guard who points to the car. (As this occurs before the shots are fired, both the front and rear doors opposite the driver’s side are still open). What was it about the prime minister’s car that so interested Shimon Peres?

Then, suddenly, Shimon Peres is seen talking to Yitzhak Rabin’s driver, Menachem Damti (6:34 minutes). Prior to this, something apparently was cut out of video. Kempler claims he stopped filming for a few seconds.

Shimon Peres finally gets into his own car, just as Yitzhak Rabin walks down the stairs into the sterile area. Seconds later, he is shot at by Yigal Amir.

There are numerous other inconsistencies in the Yitzhak Rabin murder video and in the circumstances surrounding the assassination that provide powerful impetus to conspiracy theories. Citing even a small fraction of them here would be beyond the scope of this brief article. Readers are encouraged to investigate further and make their own judgments.

Aside from one television appearance on Channel 2 ten years ago, Roni Kempler has been unavailable to answer questions regarding his video clip. His testimony as an eye witness at Yigal Amir’s trial failed to address many of these issues, some of which were raised by Yigal Amir’s defense attorneys. “I’m not a video or camera expert,” was a typical remark.

As history would have it, Roni Kempler fortuitously stood on the roof of the Gan Ha-ir shopping mall overlooking the “sterile” area near the prime minister’s car where Yigal Amir was waiting to attack Yitzhak Rabin. Minutes before the assassination, Kempler, who claimed to be an amateur photographer, focused his camera on Yigal Amir for no apparent reason and followed his actions until he fired his pistol.

and Chamish explain this peculiar oddity of fate, contending that Roni Kempler himself was a part of the conspiracy. They suggest that Israel’s secret service arranged the video and then tampered with it in various ways in order to convince a skeptical public that Yigal Amir was the lone assassin, and diffuse any attempts to prove otherwise.

While the Yitzhak Rabin murder video served as key evidence in obtaining Yigal Amir’s conviction and to underpin the Shamgar Commission’s lone assassin conclusion, it has ironically become home base for supporting conspiracy theories, like those put forward by David and Barry Chamish.

The fact that the video has been concealed from the public for the past ten years, along with Roni Kempler’s cryptic absence from Israel’s all-penetrating media, only serves to heighten speculation regarding a potential cover-up in relation to the circumstances of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination.

With or without the Yitzhak Rabin murder video, the naked truth behind the administration that brought about the Oslo accords and the subsequent Oslo War will ultimately be exposed to public scrutiny and judgment.

The following article by Barry Chamish

PART ONE OF THE Yitzhak Rabin murder video - Shimon Peres

1. Shimon Peres walks from steps to Ibn Gvirol street. All his bodyguards look
forward. None guard his back or sides. They didn't want to alert Yigal Amir.

2. Shimon Peres leaves the crowd and speaks with Shabak security chief for the
rally, Yuval Schwartz. Schwartz directs Shimon Peres to walk around Yitzhak Rabin's vehicle.

3. Shimon Peres takes a quick look into the back seat of Yitzhak Rabin's car and stops in front of the hood of the vehicle to the left. He takes a closer look into the back seat and orders his four bodyguards to do the same.

4. Shimon Peres and his bodyguards all stare into the back seat.

5. Driver Menachem Damti is called over from the opposite side of the car. On his way to Shimon Peres, the film is cut and he emerges standing beside Shimon Peres as if he had flown there.

6. Shimon Peres, still staring into the back seat, says a few words to Menachem Damti and Damti becomes very agitated, shaking his head vigorously from side to side.

7. Shimon Peres looks towards the steps and sees Yitzhak Rabin approaching his car. He walks to his own limousine, enters, closes the door and rides away.

PART TWO THE Yitzhak Rabin murder video - Yitzhak Rabin

1. Yitzhak Rabin walks with three bodyguards, towards the car. To his right is his
personal bodyguard Yoram Rubin. Behind is a back bodyguard, to this day
still unnamed. Both he and Rubin look at Yigal Amir, ahead and to their
left, circled in the film.

2. As soon as he sees Yigal Amir, the bac k bodyguard stops in his tracks, turns
around and abandons Yitzhak Rabin. Yitzhak Rabin is deliberately unprotected in the rear.

3. Yigal Amir draws his gun to shoot. No one pounces on him.

4. Yitzhak Rabin is a meter or less from the car as measured by the position of his
feet. He passes Menachem Damti by the c ar windshield. Yigal Amir shoots and a 40 cm. blast is emitted from his gun. Shamgar concluded that Yigal Amir shot from 50 cm. range but the police lab determined that the actual range was 0.

5. Yitzhak Rabin is shot in his upper back, where doctors reported his spine was

6. Yitzhak Rabin turns his head around to hear were the noise is coming from.
Clearly his spine is intact.

7. The film is cut and Yitzhak Rabin emerges from the cut two steps forward and out
as measured by the position of his feet. Yoram Rubin stands beside him to the
right. Yigal Amir has been arrested and is no longer behind Yitzhak Rabin. At this point, the main conclusion of the Shamgar Commission is proven wrong. Shamgar
concluded that Yoram Rubin jumped on Yitzhak Rabin and Yigal Amir shot them both from above. Yoram Rubin is, in fact, standing beside Yitzhak Rabin after Yigal Amir is arrested.

8. All witnesses see that Yitzhak Rabin is not shot from point blank range, nor
from the front as the police and hospital will later determine. Yitzhak Rabin
continues to walk.

9. The film is cut and a shot heard but not seen. Yitzhak Rabin emerges opposite
the left passenger door. He has walked some five steps since being first
"shot." Yoram Rubin finally jumps on him. Driver, Damti tends to Rubin and
Yitzhak Rabin. Therefore, all three people who Shamgar concluded were alone in the car, are outside the vehicle.

10. So who closed the back right passenger door from inside the car?

Now that you have seen the Yitzhak Rabin murder video, you know the truth!

Yigal  Amir reenactment with right armיגאל עמיר - ידיעות אחרונותYigal Amir again shoots with his right arm


Nov 4,  2005 in Israel's biggest paper, that famous picture of Yigal Amir shooting with left arm

יגאל עמיר שב"כ

מאת דוד רוטשטיין
גילוי הוידאו של רצח יצחק רבין לציבור
הקלטת של רצח יצחק  רבין נחשף לציבור כמעט חודשיים אחרי רצח יצחק רבין. הציבור הישראלי היה המום לקרוא בעיתונים כי צלם וידאו חובבן צילם את הרצח יצחק רבין ושהוא יוקרן בחדשות ערוץ 2. חשוב לציין שאז הוזכר כי אותו צלם חובבן הוא תייר אלמוני מפולין ששמו קשה לביטוי, אך בלילה בו שודר סרט הוידאו של רצח יצחק רבין לראשונה נאמר כי זהותו של הצלם הוא אזרח ישראלי בשם רוני קמפלר.

העלמות  רוני קמפלר מהזירה הציבורית וחשיפתו מחדש באנטרנט
בהופעתו בטלויזיה, באותו הלילה בו שודר לראשונה הקלטת של רצח יצחק רבין, רוני קמפלר הסביר שהוא איננו מעונין ברווח כספי כלשהו ולכן לא מכר את הסרט בימים הראשונים אחר הרצח יצחק  רבין לאף תחנת טלויזיה.
במהרה התברר כי רוני קמפלר קשור לשב"כ ולכוחות הבטחון. בינואר 1996, שודר הסרט של רצח יצחק רבין שתי פעמים והשם רוני קמפלר היה מפורסם בכל העולם.
מאז, הסרט של רצח יצחק רבין כבר לא משודר כלל באורכו המלא, והשם רוני קמפלר לא מוזכר בתקשורת הישראלית בכלל.   ביולי 2005, כאשר קבל דוד רוטשטיין את הקלטת המקורי של רצח יצחק רבין, רוטשטיין עלה את הקלטת לאתרים שלו. כך הוידאו צץ והופיע שוב באינטרנט ובכך נתנה לעולם את ההזדמנות לחקור ולבדוק את סרט הוידאו של רצח יצחק רבין על כל פרטיו.

השימוש בסרט הוידיאו של רצח יצחק רבין להרשעת יגאל עמיר
בזמן ההליך המשפטי נגד יגאל עמיר, הוידיאו של רצח יצחק רבין שימש כראייה להרשעת הנאשם בביצוע רצח רה"מ יצחק  רבין. מלבד זאת, הוידאו של רצח יצחק  רבין שימש ככלי שיכנוע יעיל להסיר כל ספק מהציבור הישראלי שיגאל עמיר הוא הרוצח האמיתי של יצחק רבין.
שאלות לגבי רוני קמפלר
במכתב שפורסם בעיתון "מעריב" בינואר 1996, כותבת בשם חנה חן מירושלים מעלה כמה חשדות גדולים לגבי מהימנותו של רוני קמפלר והסרט של רצח יצחק רבין שכביכול צילם.
מתוך המכתב: "הרשו לי לגלות את ספקותי לגבי העובדות המשונות הנוגעות לפרשת רצח  יצחק רבין. רוצים שנאמין שרוני קמפלר באמת "סתם" צלם חובב שנקלע לאירוע רצח יצחק רבין?
קודם כל, בתחילת הסרט של רצח יצחק רבין , מר רוני קמפלר, הצלם החובב, מתחיל לצלם בתוך האזור הסטרילי. הוא נתבקש לעזוב, ובאופן מפתיע משפר את עמדתו ומגיע לגג - מקום אסטרטגי נוח לכל צלף שרוצה להתנקש.
בודאי היו אנשי בטחון על הגג ממנו רוני קמפלר צילם את רצח יצחק רבין. אולם אנשי הביטחון נתנו לו ללכת הביתה עם הראייה הגדולה ביותר.
השב"כ לא היה אמור להחרים את הסרט של רצח יצחק רבין מבעליו אם זה היה המסמך התיעודי היחיד שנותר מהאירוע.

מעורבותו של דוד רוטשטיין  בתיק רצח יצחק רבין
חשיפת סרט הוידאו של קמפלר בשנת 1996, שכנעה את כמה סופרים ישראלים לכתוב ספרים על  הנושא אבל הסופרים לא שכנע  את הממסד הישראלי לעלות לעור את המעורבות של שמעון פרס ברצח יצחק רבין.

בספט' 2005, דוד רוטשטיין חזר לישראל אחרי העדרות של 15 שנה, דוד רוטשטיין הבחין שבשבוע שבו הוקדשו רוב שידורי הטלויזיה לסיקור מסכת חייו ומותו של יצחק רבין - לא שודר הסרט של רוני קמפלר באורכו המלא של 7.5 דקות. רק מספר שניות ספורות מתוך הסרט בו מראים את הרצח יצחק רבין עצמו. דבר נוסף שעורר את תשומת ליבו של דוד רוטשטיין הוא שמעטים הם אזרחי ישראל היודעים בכלל על קיומו של הסרט של הרצח יצחק רבין באורך מלא.

עובדות אלו העלו את חשדותיו של דוד רוטשטיין כי האמת לא נחשפה כלל לציבור בקשר למוות של יצחק רבין. לכן החל לחקור את פרשת רצח יצחק רבין דרך האינטרנט וכעבור זמן הקים כמה אתרים  בעניין רצח יצחק רבין.
ביולי 2005, נחשף מחדש הוידאו של קמפלר והוא מוצג כעת לקהל הרחב בחינם לכל דורש.

הדלת השמאלית אחורית של הקדילק כעבור 7:17 דקות מתחילת הסרט
הסצנה בסרט בה נראית הדלת השמאלית אחורית (back passenger door) של הקדילק של ראש הממשלה יצחק רבין ז"ל נסגרת מבפנים לפני כניסתו למכונית - הפכה להיות ראייה מרכזית המערערת את אמינותו של דו"ח ועדת שמגר.
לכל אחד שרואה את הדלת הנסגרת הנ"ל אין ספק שמישהו, אולי הרוצח האמיתי, חיכה בתוך הקדילק לראש הממשלה יצחק רבין. זוהי סתירה מוחלטת למה שמובא בדו"ח ועדת שמגר, כי המכונית הייתה ריקה מאדם. סצנה זו נראית לאחר 7 דקות ו 17 שניות מתחילת הסרט וכן שוב לאחר 8 דקות ו 41 שניות.

התמקדות ביגאל עמיר במהלך הסרט של רצח יצחק רבין
דבר נוסף המערער את אמינות מסקנות ועדת שמגר, שמתחילת הסרט של יצחק רבין הצלם מתמקד על יגאל עמיר. יגאל עמיר נראה יושב לבדו באיזור שאמור להיות סטרילי סמוך לקדילק של יצחק רבין. כאשר נשאל רוני קמפלר בראיון מדוע התמקד על יגאל עמיר ענה, כי הוא נראה לו חשוד.
חשוב לציין שבוידאו נראית גם שיחה בין יגאל עמיר ובין שני מאבטחים אחרי 4 דקות ו 20 שניות מתחילת הסרט.

שמעון פרס והדלת השמאלית אחורית של הקדילק
דקות ספורות לאחר אותה שיחה בין המאבטחים ליגאל עמיר, מצולם ממלא מקום רה"מ, שמעון פרס, יורד במדרגות והולך לכיוון הקהל אשר בגבול השטח הסטרילי. לאחר שקיבל את ברכותיהם הלך לכיוון הרכב של רה"מ יצחק רבין ונעצר כמטר וחצי מקדמת המכונית. (כ - 6 דקות מתחילת הסרט).
אל ממלא מקום רה"מ, שמעון פרס מתלוים ארבעה שומרי ראש, פרס נעצר, מסתכל במושב האחורי מצד שמאל של המכונית של רה"מ יצחק רבין ואז מדבר שוב עם שומרי הראש. ואז כולם יחד מסתכלים על המושב האחורי.
בנקודה זו אפשר להבחין שהסרט נחתך ונערך וישנה "קפיצה" של כמה שניות קדימה. לפתע שמעון פרס נראה מדבר עם הנהג של ראש הממשלה, מנחם דמתי ואז שוב, שמעון פרס, מנחם דמתי והשומרי ראש מסתכלים במושב האחורי של המכונית. ניתן לראות בסרט  כי מנחם דמתי מנענע ראשו לשלילה, כאילו אינו מסכים לדבריו של שמעון פרס.
יגאל עמיר שולף את האקדח
ממלא מקום רה"מ, שמעון פרס, נכנס למכוניתו ויצחק רבין יורד במדרגות. הצילום עכשיו מתמקד ברה"מ יצחק רבין. רואים כי שומר הראש העומד מצידו האחורי של יצחק רבין נעצר, ובכך פותח גישה נוחה ליריה ישירה ברה"מ יצחק  רבין.
יגאל עמיר שולף את האקדח ביד ימין, הולך אחרי הסטודנט לתקשורת, מודי ישראל, ומשתמש בידו השמאלית לירי על רה"מיצחק  רבין. בשלב זה רואים הבזק גדול של קליע אחד וקול נפץ חזק. אחרי שכביכול ספג רה"מ יצחק רבין את היריות לגבו, אפשר לראות בברור כי רה"מ יצחק  רבין, מפנה את ראשו אחורנית לבדוק מה היה הרעש...
הטישטוש והחיתוכים בסרט ניכרים מאד גם לעין לא מקצועית.
בזמן הירי, יגאל עמיר הפך להראות כמו צל. לפי הראיות המשפטיות במשפטו של יגאל עמיר, עלה כי רה"מ יצחק  רבין נורה ממרחק קצר ביותר, אך יגאל עמיר היה רחוק יחסית מ יצחק רבין, אז הסרט "עוצב מחדש" בכדי להאריך את ידו השמאלית של יגאל עמיר. חשוב לציין כי יגאל עמיר הוא ימיני ושבשחזור הרצח שנעשה במשך משפטו של יגאל עמיר - הוא אחז את האקדח בידו הימנית.

אחרי היריה הראשונה, הסרט נעשה מטושטש לכ- 2 שניות, במשך הזמן הזה שומעים שני יריות. לאחר מכן האיכות חוזרת להיות נורמאלית. הדלת השמאלית אחורית נסגרת מבפנים ואז  יצחק רבין, המאבטח והנהג נכנסים למכונית מצדו של הנהג והקדילק מתחילה לנסוע. מעט זמן לאחר מכן נגמר הסרט.

הטעות של רצח יצחק  רבין - הסרט נחשף לציבור
החלק "המטריד" ביותר בסרט הוא מספר שניות לפני שרה"מ יצחק רבין נכנס לקדילק, כשהדלת השמאלית אחורית (back passenger door) נסגרת.
עיתונאים ואנשי תקשורת רבים מהארץ ומהעולם בדקו וחקרו שוב ושוב את החלק הזה בסרט, כל צל וכל תזוזה נבדקו אך יש רק הסבר אחד -
מישהו ישב במכונית וחיכה ל יצחק רבין.

השאלה הנשאלת - למה בכלל הראו סרט רצח יצחק  רבין כזה בטלויזיה אם הוא כל כך מפליל?
התשובה היחידה היא - מישהו עשה טעות...
מסיבה זו, בתקשורת הישראלית לא רק שלא משדרים את "סרט הוידאו של הרצח יצחק רבין על ידי קמפלר" אלא אפילו לא מזכירים את קיומו.

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