Yigal Amir on tape 30 days after the Rabin assassination

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The written text at the beginning of the video states that this video clip is from December 3rd, 1995 and was given by one of Yigal Amir's five lawyers to Natan Geffen of Ramat Gan, Israel. Yigal Amir was arrested the night of Yitzhak Rabin's death on November 4th. The investigator's name is Yoav Gazit.

Yoav Gazit: The investigator is reading: The political establishment, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin, planned during the peace rally that there should be an attempted murder by a right winger. The investigator now looks up towards Yigal Amir and states: You said that, right?

Yigal Amir: (Moving his left hand away from his eyes) Yes.

Yoav Gazit: (The investigator repeats with while using hand movements) There was an operation to serve the government
and for this they would let the person in the sterile area of the prime minister.

Yigal Amir: There would be blanks by the assassin.

Yoav Gazit: So there should be some assassin.


Comments by David :
This interrogation was done on December 3rd. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on November 4th. Obviously, Yigal Amir was not cooperating at this time. In fact, during Yigal Amir's first court on appearance on December 11 Yigal told Judge Dan Arbel "if I tell the truth, the entire state will flip upside down, everything is lies." The judge sent Yigal Amir back for solitary confinement after that outburst. Lowe and behold , after 40 days Yigal Amir eventually came back to court and took the blame and publicly acknowledged that the rabbis encouraged him to murder.

So the obvious question is why would a healthy, intelligent 26 year old from a religious Jewish family eventually admit to such a terrible crime and get the rabbis involved in his mess?

After extensive conversations and visits with the Yigal Amir family and other notable actors in this nationwide cover up there, I have concluded that the killers used the carrot and stick approach.

Here are some obvious questions: (the % chance that this is the correct answer)

Q: How and why is Yigal Amir standing next to Yitzhak Rabin ?

Yigal Amir was a government agent. (100%)

Q: Did Yigal Amir shoot blank bullets, real bullets or did he even shoot?

Yigal Amir was standing in the sterile area (100%). We see in the Kempler video that Yigal reaches with his right hand as if reaching for a gun (cell phone, etc). At that point the video was cut in unprofessionally manner (Yigal gets blurry, and supposedly shoots with his very long left arm). We know this is a cut up video and a fraud. So the question is if Yigal, in fact, shot blank bullets or was just standing in the area.

When I see the Miriam Oren Eye-Witness Video I hear a very convincing lady who was standing on the podium and walked to the car with Yitzhak Rabin state that "Rabin put his right foot in the car and suddenly I heard three shots, Rabin was not injured." As well, we see Yitzhak Rabin turn his head after supposedly getting shot to the back. We see the gunshot and hear the sound if gunshot. We know that the gunshot "light" that we see was inserted in the video simply because the "gunshot light" does not fade on Rabin's jacket or light up the shooter's hand at all.

Obviously, hearing and seeing this testimony would convince a person that gunshot sound was inserted as well and that would explain why Rabin turned his head after getting shot. Because there was no "gunshot noise." Yitzhak Rabin may have been turning his head because someone called his name.

To be honest I have not read all the police testimony from the eyewitnesses at the crime scene. I have the police reports on my hebrew site. All the original police reports are here, taken from one of Yigal Amir's lawyer's file. I would imagine the eye-witness on tape who walked Rabin from the podium to the car would be the most authentic eyewitness. We have a picture of Miriam Oren on the podium.

This evidence and logic leads me to believe that Yigal Amir did not pull out a gun and even shoot blank bullets. A more logical conclusion is that a government agent simply shot three blank bullets on the ground to make noise and Rabin was pushed into the Limo and they sped off.

Why did Yitzhak Rabin sort of-fall down, after hearing the blanks and turning his head to see what "all that noise is?"

Yitzhak Rabin was expecting a fake assassination attempt (to boost up his popularity in public opinion polls) and played along. Yitzhak Rabin was just a lousy actor so he ends up turning his head to see who shot him. As well, Yitzhak Rabin's fall was not so convincing. (100%)

Why did Yigal Amir agree to be a government agent to make religious Jews look bad?

Yigal Amir was raised in a religious Jewish family in a suburb of Tel Aviv. People like him don't become government agents to make his fellow religious Jews. (I know the family - nice people) Even for $1,000 a week. Yigal Amir got caught for some terrible crime. My guess is pedophilia. (99% - Yigal Amir got caught for terrible crime) (90% - Pedophilia - what other crime could be so terrible?)

Why is the Yigal Amir going along with the charade?

Well, Sherlock. Yigal Amir is being blackmailed / threatened
and /or being paid. My guess is that Yigal Amir or his family were not paid initially. I have spent hours on the telephone with Yigal Amir's wife, Larissa as well as Yigal Amir's mom, Geula. The younger brother Amitai and I have had long conversations. I was at the Yigal Amir house in Herzlia and met Larissa at a restaurant.

Yigal Amir agreed to take the blame for the murder by himself. He did not consult with family members. Geula Amir was not sure initially and become 100% certain that her son did not murder approximately five years ago. Geula Amir tells me personally that she knows that her son did not murder but will not tell this to foreign media. Larissa Amir gave a very strong radio interview a few months ago at my urging but has refused to follow up on any public actions.

My guess is that the government interrogators gave Yigal Amir an offer that he could not refuse. If Yigal Amir did not "go along" with the charade they probably would have killed him. It is not so hard to convince a 26 year old "caught pedophile" from a religious family to take the blame for a crime that he did not commit.

But the trick is now to convince his family to keep quiet. Yigal Amir has to be persuaded to convince his Mom, brothers, etc. to go along with the lie (99%). Geula Amir, Yigal's mom, now knows that her son was blackmailed (99%). The mom does not want to have her son in prison for life. There is a deal between the government and the Amir family for Yigal Amir to get better prison conditions (99%) (they gave him a wife who he talks hours on the phone every day) and Yigal Amir, his family and the Israeli government made an agreement for a specific date for Yigal Amir's to be released from jail (99%). This agreement was made a few years ago and Yigal Amir was transferred to Ramle prison from Beer Sheva prison.

The government of Israel and Yigal Amir have a slight problem. The government cannot fulfill the agreement because too many people know (because of my hebrew and english web sites and other folks who have worked on this issue) that Yigal Amir did not murder. You cannot release Yigal Amir from jail after 11 years unless the government is planning on putting the real killers on trial. At this moment, the Israeli government is not willing to put Shimon Peres on trial and the government is just waiting and hoping that Shimon Peres dies.

We are talking about high stakes negotiations and it really would not surprise me if a lot of money is changing hands at this point in time. If I was Yigal Amir, I would be demanding millions per year in jail and do 20 years max. Geula Amir was very nice to me, I believe, just to get more money out of the Israeli government. Now that I think of it, Yigal Amir and family are getting money from the Israeli government (99%). In my opinion, the family has only recently been receiving money from the Israeli government. I don't believe that the Amir family was receiving money in previous years (90%).

Is the family afraid of being killed by the killers of Yitzhak Rabin?
No (100%).

Was Yigal Amir afraid for his life when he initially stood trial? Probably (90%)

Why is the Rabin family going along with the charade?

At first the Rabin family was not sure. Leah Rabin, the wife started to get real public in her doubts. Leah subsequently died in November, 2000. Dalia Rabin, the daughter also became public in her doubts and the family now knows with 100 percent certainty the their father played along with the fake assassination and the real murder was on the way to the hospital.

Dalia Rabin was a minister in Ehud Barak's government in 1999 and currently runs the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Peace in Tel Aviv. The center is government funded. In essence, Dalia Rabin is being paid to keep her mouth shut. As well, Dalia Rabin loves her father. Dalia Rabin is happy that half the country of Israel feels her father died a hero so why crash the party especially when they are paying you. An added bonus for a leftist like Dalia Rabin is that the religious Jewish community are being blamed for her father's murder. (100%)

Why is the right wing establishment going along with the charade?

At first the right wing religious establishment actually felt bad that a religious Jew murdered. Shimon Peres was using the Yitzhak Rabin murder to bash religious Jews. Thankfully, Shimon Peres got caught for murder and agreed to lose the 1996 elections as punishment to Bibi Netanyahu. The right wing of Israeli was happy to win that election and why rock the boat. In subsequent years Ehud Barak became Prime Minister, appointed the Shas political party leader (a religious party), Eli Yishai, as the interior minister. Eli Yishai's job is to keep his political party quiet.

Barak's government fell and Ariel Sharon, the right winger became Prime Minister. Ariel Sharon turned out to be left wing but the ultra - orthodox politicians in Israel really enjoy having Shimon Peres in high leadership posts, because Shimon Peres is so easy to blackmail.

The national religious politicians are confused. They don't know what to do. These politicians are moderate by nature and don't want to spoil "the zionist enterprise." Most of these politicians were in power ten years ago and letting such a dumb murder be used to slander the community you represent for ten years makes the politician seem like an idiot. "If the glove fits." The politicians for religious zionist politicians are really dumb. I met them.

Many of the religious jewish media now report freely on the Yitzhak Rabin murder fraud and the vast majority of the religious Jewish population in Israel now know that Yigal Amir shot blanks. Why rock the boat? It is much easier to for a religious knesset member to blackmail a fellow Knesset member for a few hundred million shekels behind closed doors that to take a risk into the unknown.

An Israeli politician earns 35,000 shekels per month plus perks. While a religious politician would earn 10,000 per month without perks if he was not in the Knesset. I met these guys and they are real losers. So it hard to expect these religious Jewish politicians to make good decisions, since they let the slander of their community continue for ten years.

One of the positive aspects of my work over the last year is that the Israeli media has somewhat stopped slandering the religious Jewish community based on the Yitzhak Rabin murder.

There are rumors that Shimon Peres was the mastermind behind the Rabin assassination or that he actually pulled the trigger. What is the truth?

It is obvious from reading and viewing the various pages of Rabin assassination material online that there is a something much more terrible going on than what the naked eye is seeing. We are talking about a terribly bungled up assassination and cover-up yet the lying continues. After speaking with dozens of players in this national tragedy, I am thoroughly convinced that Shimon Peres pulled the trigger to the gun that shot Rabin with two bullets in his back in Ichilov Hospital.

Rabin showed up at Ichilov Hospital in an ambulance (after leaving the rally in a limousine at 9:30 pm) at 9:52 pm. Yitzhak Rabin entered the hospital with a bullet would to his chest and spleen (as Dr Barabash describes on TV). After extensive medical attention Rabin could survive the wounds but would be in a vegetative state. In this intense environment Shimon Peres (who was in the operating room) decided that it would be in the country's best interest that Yitzhak Rabin should no longer be alive. That Yitzhak Rabin should die.

This was not an easy or unanimous decision but the decision was made. Shimon Peres ordered the medical personal to leave the operating room and five Shabak agents and Shimon Peres were left in the operating room. Shimon Peres determined that it was a better story to have the fatal wounds be to the back, which is the way that a coward would shoot a helpless victim. These decisions were made hastily under duress and uncertainty.

There were five Shabak agents and Shimon Peres in the operating room. Discussions were heated. It was incredible atmosphere. There was a final decision to shoot fatal shots to Rabin in the back. A silencer was handed to Shimon Peres. Shimon Peres requested that the Shabak team leader in the room turn Rabin over and shoot him in the back two times. The Shabak team leader refused. More discussions ensued. It was agreed upon that it was better if Rabin was dead and not a vegetable yet no one in the room wanted to shoot Rabin two times in the back.

Shimon Peres requested that the three Shabak agents leave the operating room and guard the door from the outside. The Shabak team leader interjected and demanded that all those present stay in the operating room. The Shabak team leader proceeded to remove the medical equipment from Rabin and turned Rabin over onto his stomach. The team leader had Shimon Peres hand him over the silencer and fitted the silencer to his gun. Discussion ensued. The team leader handed Shimon Peres his gun, fitted with silencer, and Shimon Peres shot Yitzhak Rabin twice in the back.

The information of the happenings in the emergency room is not second hand information. My source is one of the five Shabak agents that were present in the operating room. This Shabak Agent has video taped his testimony as to exactly what he saw during this night in the operating room. I actually did the interview on video, asked the questions and believe his testimony.

In Hebrew, four pages of transcript of Yigal interrogation.

by David

Yigal  Amir reenactment with right arm

You see that Yigal Amir is shooting with his right hand a the recreation but with the left hand on the "phony photo"
of the murder which was in the Kempler video and the newspaper.

Nov 4,  2005 in Israel's biggest paper, that famous picture of Yigal Amir shooting with left arm

Yigal Amir and the Amir family want to wish each and every one of you a happy new year.